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For business environments wanting to increase their revenue and profits, and differentiate themselves in a competitive market, they ask for Bernadette McClelland.  Her thought leadership on sales performance, ideas on thinking beyond resilience and her fresh perspectives surrounding personal leadership skills — are all designed to master the outcomes that matter.

As the business landscape has become more connected yet competitive, there is a gap she has identified, and this gap can be experienced by any individual, executive or a business owner. With stress levels on the rise, revenue growth on the decline, future roles needing new skillsets, she believes there is a huge need to focus on amplifying the human potential inherent in us all, to increase both outcomes AND incomes.

Bernadette believes in today’s environment, a female speaker in a male-dominated field ~ B2B sales performance and sales leadership ~ combined with having a strong ‘walk your talk’ profile is a huge differentiator. Blending business strategy with both behavior AND the brain she ensures her audiences create greater cut-through in understanding why they get the results they do, or don’t!

Sales Keynote Speaker Bernadette McClelland 2018 Speaker Showreel


Conscious Selling
The Silver Bullet for Driving Sales

In this provocative and stimulating keynote, learn the nine conversations that will move you beyond the walking, talking brochure that buyers resist and elevate you to the professional who is able to move people to buy. Conscious capitalism, being humanly focused and generous without discounting will ensure you drive more sales drive more sales, increase your margins and sell a difference!


The Business of Connection
Amplifying Human Potential

What’s next? The Future of Work tells us jobs today won’t be here tomorrow, skills needed yesterday are gone forever and algorithms hold the key to our future success.  Learn how to elevate your leadership skills and navigate this era of change. Amplify the four human qualities critical to bringing real connection back into business and embrace this ‘connection economy’ whilst still producing the hard-core results.

Rethink Risk. Dig Deeper. Choose Change.

Uncertainty reigns. As does volatility, complexity and ambiguity. Black swan moments hit us from nowhere and yet we still have to #playBIGGER. Discover how the three exceptional qualities of resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility won’t just create change, but create momentum. Regardless of whether you are an individual, a leader or a business owner, amplifying your audacity in these three areas will guarantee the results that matter the most.


Selling You
Get Seen. Get Known. Get Business

80% of buyers say that the #1 attribute that differentiates a business is the salesperson and how they show up. Articulating ROI comes in at #10. In today's hyper-competitive, commoditized and global business environment, you must first be able to sell YOU! Bernadette takes you through the five stages every professional responsible for selling a product, service or idea must demonstrate to become more relevant and strategic


Bernadette McClelland has given three presentations for Rev it Up – Sales Leader Summits – one in 2017 in Boston, one in 2015 in Chicago and was our closing keynote speaker in 2019. At all times, the audience of B2B sales leaders was riveted, fully engaged, and gave great feedback. I would not hesitate to invite Bernadette for a future event. Additionally, she was professional, prepared, and supportive of our efforts”. -Lori Richardson, Organizer, Rev it Up - Sales Leader Summit, and President of Women Sales Pros

‘Bernadette was by far our most inspiring and engaging speaker at the 2016 Sales Innovation Expo in London representing Top Sales World’

-Jonathan Farrington, CEO Top Sales World

“Bernadette McClelland has a unique ability to quickly connect with an audience and get them smiling and engaged and actively listening. Her message is both personal and relatable, delivered with an earnest style that causes the audience to both relate and self-assess. She impacted me in a way few speakers ever have."

 - Darryl Praill, CMO, VanillaSoft


 Whether you are a sales leader, a sales Rep, or an intern, you will be transformed when you meet her, as I, and my team, were”.

- Chad Burmeister | CEO |  

The Art of Commercial Conversations
Drive Revenue. Increase Margin. Sell A Difference.
Is for all B2B Salespeople, Sales Leaders and Business Owners.
It is for those who have an idea, a product or a service to share with others and who want to drive more revenue, increase their margins and sell a difference in this Connection Economy.