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Bob Graham

Bob Graham draws on his varied business experience to explain how breakthrough skills can transform people and organizations. Bob has refined these breakthrough skills over the course of his career, now sharing these tools and tips with his clients. He teaches them to apply these skills to help organizations, overcome generational differences, communication challenges, lead better, repair unproductive teams, and build effective companies. 


Bob has taught at five colleges and universities, including Johns Hopkins University and Towson University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. He also holds a Master’s degree in Communications focusing on Journalism and Public Affairs from The American University in Washington, DC. 

Bob Graham is on a mission: To encourage people to care about their interpersonal skills as much as their technical skills.  To accomplish this mission, he has developed a trio of breakthrough skills. As co-founder and CEO of Serious Soft Skills, he trains, coaches and speaks on these skills and how they can empower individuals, teams and organizations to be more productive, collaborative and innovative.


He has applied these breakthrough skills to help organizations to overcome generational differences, communication challenges, unproductive teams and a range of other challenges. He has used them to help individuals obtain jobs and earn promotions, lead better and build effective companies

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Unleashing the Power of Breakthrough Skills

Technology cannot do it all in business. Successful entrepreneurs, leaders and managers need more. Bob Graham has developed three breakthrough skills, which when unleashed empower people and organizations to become more productive, collaborative and innovative. Using a combination of humor and insight, Graham has participants not just learning about breakthrough skills, but putting them to work – during the session. Participants leave inspired and prepared to act on what they learn.



  • How successful people blend technical skills with breakthrough skills to achieve that success

  • The importance of attunement, experience management and storytelling to solve complex problems

  • Strategies for using breakthrough skills in their own lives

Breaking Through The Noise: Communicate with Power and Clarity

Most people are far less successful at communicating that they hope. Bob Graham has developed a suite of breakthrough skills that help people dramatically improve the effectiveness of their communication.



  • The most common challenges to effective communication and how to overcome them quickly

  • How the breakthrough skills of attunement, experience management and storytelling improve communication

  • Strategies for tailoring a message to the audience to improve its success

Breaking Through Generational Differences

The most diverse workforce in history is working in offices in the U.S. People in their 60s, 70s and even the 80s might work alongside people in their teens and 20s. The experiences of each age group (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z) differ greatly. Yet they have to work together for business to succeed. Bob Graham explains how his breakthrough skills can empower people of any age to work more effectively with people who are different.



Key components of each generation and what they mean

Important similarities among the age groups that can forge a new understanding

How to embrace differences to find better solutions to complex problems