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Daryl Fletcher Relationship Expert

The quality of your life is directly connected to the quality of your communication 



A champion for relationships building, he is an expert in the area of helping organizations maximize their potential 


Daryl works with companies on a small and national scale, helping them increase productivity, boost employee morale, and building stronger sales teams. 

Previous clients have been able to surpass their annuals goals by over 50% with his help. and increasing the quality of their relationships. 


Daryl is a well sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and coach. His sessions are filled with thought provoking content, humor and practical methods for success stories both personally and professionally. 

As a Speaker and Author Daryl Fletcher gives organizations life changing tools 

be effective in their personal and professional relationships. 


He is the CEO and principal consultant for 1 Dynamic Life Consulting. A company that provides strategies and techniques for organizations to

improve their internal communication, leadership development, and relationship building.

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The Cost of Poor Communication

The presentation is fun and interactive.  Its filled with great stories and tangible take aways.  The audience will walk away with 3 clear solutions to increase productivity, performance and profits.

Don’t Just Talk… Connect

When leaders and managers are discussing or implementing changes, employees want to know that their input is being considered and encouraged and that they can voice their opinion without fear of retaliation. This leads to an improved employee experience.

Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Repair

How to make more money by maintaining your professional and personal relationships.

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