David Bryson


David Bryson is a keynote and motivational speaker who delivers an engaging and challenging message. David is called on to inspire, encourage and help your organization get results.


Are you ready to weave storytelling into your corporate culture? Do you want to increase your engagement with clients and co-workers through effective storytelling?  If your desire is to communicate with impact, make a connection and not just “sell” clients but establish a relationship that will reap fruit for years, my keynote presentation will guide you through the importance of having a clear vision.

Want your team to close more sales and get inspired in the process? 


Facts tell; but as we all know stories sell.  Why is that?  Endless amounts of data and statistics leave clients indecisive and on the fence.  This year more data will be created than in all the previous years of human history combined.  Not clarifying your message will leave your clients and co-workers confused.

Do you want to be a better storyteller? Facts Tell and Stories Sell


Why Can’t You?

Why Can’t You? is a keynote and motivational speech that focuses on experiences from owning a business as well as the lessons learned from multiple entrepreneurs on my top-rated Why Can’t You? podcast.  Audience members will be engaged and walk away energized, inspired and with clearly defined strategies on how to change their lives and grow their business!



 1. Overcoming obstacles

2. Always know who the hero in a story is. Hint, it's not you!

3. Play the long game!




In 2020 more data will be created than in all the previous years of human history combined.  Facts Tell, Stories Sell or Storyselling answers the question of how to utilize all the data, analytics and metrics that we are bombarded with and use them to tell strategic stories that:

-Grab attention
-Increase your sphere of influence
-Give your brand transparency
-Close sales
-Retain clients

It is scientifically proven that 90% of all buying decisions are based on emotion, being able to tell an engaging story emotionally engages your client.

Grab attention – this doesn’t mean renting a billboard in Times Square or hiring a skywriter.  Grabbing attention helps your product or service to stand out in your client’s mind as they sort between 2-3 million pieces of information per day.

Increase your sphere of influence – we are the guide on our client’s journey through the world of financial services.  Our client is the hero and we are the mentor if we reverse those roles the results are not favorable.

Transparency – Every client wants to do business with someone they know, like and trust.  How do we position ourselves as an open book so we are their trusted advisor?

Closing sales - The first three items set the table for what we all want more sales.  By implementing those items on a regular and consistent basis watch your closing ratio rise by 40-50%.

Client retention – Is a sale the close of a relationship or just the beginning?  We summarize everything we have learned so we can keep and retain the clients we have which is much more cost-effective than always gathering new ones.  



Teamwork makes the Dream Work

All successful leaders understand that big dreams require even bigger teams. The first step toward achieving any dream is understanding that you can't do it alone. This training provides leaders with the information and tools they need to teach team members how to work together in the most efficient ways. In order to achieve the dream, David will teach solid core principles that will enable the audience to build a strong winning team.

Your leaders will learn:
Powerful principles designed to strengthen teamwork
Effective ways to give team members direction, vision, and confidence
Stronger and more impacting ways to communicate with others
Key reasons why teams stop or start growing
Four ways to see teams succeed

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