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Russell C. Gaede, PsyD - Conflict Resolution Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Dr. Russ works with companies of all sizes to share hilarious and inspiring stories that teach the principles he has used in his life to resolve conflict and conquer adversity.


Dr. Russell Gaede’s (pronounced: Gay’-dee) life is an inspiring example of how to overcome obstacles and reach your potential. He went from High School drop out to becoming a college professor with a Doctorate in Psychology and graduate training in Conflict Resolution.


As a kid, he was in leg braces and had a difficult time running – he has since become an avid cyclist and long distance runner who has biked and run thousands of miles. Having struggled with severe speech impediments and a diagnoses of Tourette Syndrome, Dr. Russ now makes his living as a speaker, consultant and counselor.


Dr. Russ is a successful entrepreneur having built a million dollar business as a therapist. He is the author of multiple books, has been featured on various TV and radio programs and broke the world record hosting the world’s longest uninterrupted live webcast.

Russell C. Gaede, PsyD holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. He holds a graduate certificate in Marriage and Therapy and two graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution.

Dr. Russ's Programs



Do you want to be more productive? Learn how to conquer adversity and obstacles? Although success may mean something different to each of us, there are some common elements to conquer adverity. In an interactive fun manner, you will learn the three key elements of conquering adversity. The three elements are not your typical keys to conquering adversity, but they work. You will hear stories and experiences that will help you understand how you can conquer the adverssities in your life, daily and long-term. You will learn how to take 3 seemingly simple principles and make them apart of your daily life to change your life forever,

Takeaways include:

  • Learning to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones

  • Use mindset, relationships, and forgiveness in conquering adversity

  • Activities that will boost your happiness and motivate you to succeed


Conflict happens. It is inevitable. The most successful and dynamic people and organizations learn how to resolve conflict in a productive and empowering manner. Conflict happens when you have people with different expectations interacting. How you resolve conflict will determine your success. This makes learning to resolve conflict critical.

Takeaways include:

• Develop Conflict Resolution communication skills to maintain open dialogue
• Tools to identify positions, points of disagreement, and causes of conflict
• Multiple suggestions for addressing conflict in the workplace / organization
• Learn Win-Win Negotiation Skills

This can be a 1 or 2 day interactive seminar.


Have you ever wondered how to get your life into balance? How do you know when your life is out of balance? Having a handle on the various elements in your life helps you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. When this occurs, you are more successful at work and home.

When life is in balance, you increase productivity at work, experience less stress and anxiety, enjoy life more, and cope with difficulties better.

Those who attend this program will learn

  • What life integration is

  • The 5 life Integration areas and how to balance them in their life

  • Techniques to use in their daily life to assure life balance is achieved

Balancing requires prioritizing, when you choose one activity, you give up something else. These choices are often difficult because we do not understand the big picture and how one decision affects many other aspects of our life.

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Russell Gaede, PsyD -Dr Russ Speaks
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