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Keynote StrongMan Eric Moss

As part of his presentation, Eric brings a unique form of entertainment to the corporate and education world as he bends steel bars, breaks chains, rolls up frying pans and more that both grab attention AND act as a metaphor for the struggles and challenges that hold us back in life.  It’s one thing to hear a speaker simply talk about achievement, it’s another to see it happening right in front of them and yet another when they can hold it and feel it with their own hands.  To truly inspire takes more than words.

The audience will be taken on a journey through Eric’s life as he uses dynamic story telling to pull them into his mentor’s gyms, where he learned practical lessons of going beyond self limiting beliefs, resilience, goal achievement and the secret to success.  They’ll be taken on a rollercoaster as his sense of humor will make them laugh while his compassionate and heartfelt speech will make their hearts ache with emotion. The presentation concludes on a high note that prompts them to reexamine their own untapped potential.  This is not simply a presentation; it’s a full on jaw dropping, mind-blowing, inspirational experience.

Watch Eric in Action

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