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Frank Is a Leading Advocate for Ethics and Values in Business

Frank continues to WOW his audiences with results-driven content on why good ethics is good business. Frank's unique style balances evidence-based research, with practical applications in an engaging, often humorous and entertaining manner. With hundreds of programs (all available virtually!) around the country, Frank's expertise is appreciated by meeting planners and team leaders. His CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and the CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence, Speaker Hall of Fame) through the National Speakers Association continues to provide assurance that not all trainers are alike

Frank continues to herald the benefits of ethics, values and high road behavior for business and personal success. For over two decades clients, meeting planners and speakers bureaus continue to turn to Frank when they need just the right mix of information, inspiration, motivation and humor focused on these key issues impacting businesses and educational organizations today.

Frank is known for powerful, humorous, and thought provoking presentations that:
-Are consistently requested by a wide range of businesses, associations, and educational organizations.

-Combine up-to-date information, practical and easy to implement ideas, and humorous stories for a high impact and entertaining learning experience.
-Are a natural fit with organizations interested in reinforcing workplace values.
-Are all available virtually.

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 If Good Ethics is Good Business, What’s the Problem?
It seems that media reports of companies being fined, or accusations of unethical or illegal behavior, are just about a daily feature in news reports. We may even find ourselves asking "how" and "why" this could still be happening with so many organizations focusing on "doing the right thing" and touting a strong ethical culture.

Most folks would agree that solid ethical business practices are desirable, good, and necessary for business. This program will explore the five challenges that threaten the reputation of an organization, and will present solutions to keep the focus on solid values and staying on the ethical high road.

The focus will be on:
1. Compliance is not ethics and ethics is not compliance.
2.  The Lack of Moral Awareness.
3. "Shades of Gray" ethical thinking.
4. The Death of Bland Training.
5. The Leadership Quagmire.

The Trust Puzzle: How to Keep Your Company on the Ethical High Road
Trust issues, leadership missteps, and ethics issues can threaten any organization, impact market value and cause irreversible damage. This strategic focus on the critical role of ethical behavior for those in leadership positions will assist leaders and their organizations as they navigate the high road to success.

-Expand participants understanding of the different roles of compliance and ethics
- Create a greater priority  of the process of ethical thinking through specific examples, insights and decision-making techniques
- The dangers of Scrap Learning. Scrap learning is a term that describes the gap between training that is delivered and what is actually applied back on the job.”
- Experience, analyze and create ways to implement ethical reasoning as “second nature” in the workplace
-Help participants understand that real leadership is not just about the leader but the character of the leader

The difference between positive and negative ethics and the effect in the workplace on leadership capabilities

The lack of moral awareness—a critical missing dynamic of building company trust

Leadership virtues necessary to keep the company culture values-based and principle-driven

Detailed decision-making processes and techniques to help keep leaders on the high road

Techniques that are different but compatible when it comes to learning approaches to compliance and ethics

Two factors to consider in making business decisions and why



Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership
Headlines about wrongdoing at many high-profile organizations continue to increase the pressure on business leaders to reclaim peoples’ trust. Leaders are increasingly challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, empower their people, and build customer loyalty.

This program will focus on the unique and powerful role ethical leadership plays in successful organizations today.

Learning Objectives:                
To learn and examine the eight great leadership habits that enhance and support an ethical culture.

To learn and experience the stages of moral reasoning that when faced with making a difficult decision, it’s the best one possible.

Five leadership virtues that when internalized and practiced, can empower one’s people to help create and support an ethical culture in the organization.

In an upbeat, introspective and challenging format, this program offers practical ideas techniques and critical thinking skills to help leaders make their decisions at the right time, for the right reason.


·         Mid-level management level to C-suite executives.

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