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Because an attendee's attention is a terrible thing to waste. As is their trust and enthusiasm.

Jan's Experience

May 2018 - Present
Jan Zlotnick, Brand and Creative Consultant. I deliver branding and creative to elevate customer and employee experiences. Driving culture, sales, and brand value. From strategy to concept to production. Including brand framework (vision, mission, brand position, tagline, manifesto, core message, message stack), brand ID (logo, styleguide), all marcom, digital, social, traditional, event and office design, et al.

May 2017 - May 2018
Grapeshot, Executive Brand+Creative Director, New York
Successfully branded and positioned for acquisition, achieved in 2018 with Oracle’s $400million purchase of Grapeshot. Rebranded this ad-tech brand, from manifesto and logo/corpID to branding and lead-gen digital and experiential media. Leader of NY and global teams to create value in employee/customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Feb 2013 — Feb 2017
Sprinklr, Global Brand+Creative Director, New York
Currently poised at near $2billion valuation; was $120million when I started branding. Branded company from startup; core values, culture, logo/corpID, mktg strategy
Created “Turn it on” campaign; global brand-customer experience makeover.
Created and directed CXM Dept. (Customer Experience Management).

February 2010 — June 2012
Global Brand+Creative Director, GlobeOp Financial Services, New York
Successfully branded and positioned for acquisition, achieved in 2012 with SS&C’s $1billion purchase of GlobeOp. Rebranded, raised company profile, helped grow revenue 41% to $221 million, AuA* 71% to $187b, stock value 142%, leading to $1b acquisition. Created “Be Confident” campaign. Directed departments in US and UK, with 10 corporate offices on three continents. (*Assets Under Administration)

Jan Zlotnick

Exec Brand+Creative Director Hyper-Growth 10X Branding

Sales start in the emotional brain of your customer. Where it's decided if your brand might be liked and trusted. Every customer experience is a door to that trust, high-growth sales and your brand's market value. I open that door for you.

I drive sales. Inspire culture. And elevating brand value, as delivered for 5x-10x growth for Sprinklr, GlobeOp, Grapeshot and others; 15+ yrs as brand and creative director, writer, strategist.

For me, a great brand -- and so, great creative and marketing -- is shaped by the story told in the customer's voice. So I listen. To understand. To Feel. To Create -- a new experience they need and, if we do right by them, will Want like crazy. I help create and celebrate that moment.


"The Incredible Adventure of Your Prospect's Brain on...You!"

17 min Ted-like talk on how to bring your best self forward through the emotional painting and power of
1. Rethinking your personal brand
2. Articulating it in five unforgettable picture-perfect words
3. Presenting it, anytime, anywhere, in an unforgettable story of empathy, courage and value.

"Rethink to Outthink Your Competition"

17 min Ted-like talk on how to
1. Rethink a problem by listening closer to customer and your SELF
2. Outthink competition by applying rethinking in original ways

"How to Talk Dirty to a Tech Customer (And Win Their Love)"

Talking "dirty" is to talk the language of love. Which is the level of affection of the most coveted brands. And doesn't come natural to marketers and management in Tech. Even when they say, "Make us more...Human" which is the death knell for achieving humanity in the brand. I built or rebuilt the brands of three tech companies in the past eight years (Grapeshot, Sprinklr, GlobeOp), each achieving 5x to 10x growth in brand value, including Grapeshot, purchased by Oracle for $320 million this past April...GlobeOp, by SS&C for $1billion...and Sprinklr, poised at $1.8billion in 2018, from its valuation of $120million when I started its branding in 2013. THIS PRESENTATION will be lively, show real examples from my success stories, and surprise people who think they can 'humanize" a tech brand. (It's counterintuitive, but to humanize is to further define and solidify it as non-human.)

"Rules to Break (If You Want to Break Through)"

I've written blog posts and presented my views on how neuroscience reveals the customer's emotional doors that are closed and need strategic and creative rethinking to open. As I have written about and spoken about the "rules to break" in many a client meeting. It's not for the sake of being a rule-breaker. Great branding and marketing are built on listening between the lines to the customer. There are no rules for each situation, so you have to break the mold and create the experience that solves the new problem.

Build Your Brand on a Budget: START Doing This, STOP doing that (to drive trust, awareness, sales)

With lively, creative, engaging visuals, video and other storytelling techniques, I show startups how to STOP wasting time and money and be LASER-FOCUSED , EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE in 1. branding their company with the essentials that build trust and awareness; 2. creating the most essential marcom.




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