Joe Sweeney

Author. Speaker. Investor. Coach. Mentor.


Joe Sweeney has spent more than 35 years blending his love of business and passion for sports. He has owned, operated, and sold four manufacturing companies, headed up the Wisconsin Sports Authority, and launched a sports marketing firm.

Joe purchased an equity interest in an investment banking firm and served as president and managing director.  He is now an accomplished author, internationally-known speaker, and investor in private equity companies. 


Joe’s passion is studying human behavior. He has used the fields of sports, business, and military as his laboratory to better understand why certain people outperform others. He is especially devoted to helping and mentoring young athletes and executives to develop all aspects of their career, business, and life.

Joe Sweeney-An acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and thought leader on the topics of networking, business and personal development, Joe has delivered keynote presentations and workshops for hundreds of companies, universities, associations, and organizations worldwide.

His talk will inspire, motivate, and change the mindset of how you and your team approach sales and marketing forever. Joe will provide your team members with the tools and strategies to sharpen their networking skill set, which they can start implementing immediately.

Through his 35+ years of experience in business and sports, you'll discover firsthand how working with Joe will enrich both your personal and professional relationships while creating new opportunities for growth.

Joe is the author of:

  • A Light Shines Through Us: A Nun, a Businessman, and the Power of Connection;

  • After Further Review: How Reflection and Action Will Turn Your Somedays Into Today;

  • Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life;

  • and The New York Times bestseller Networking Is a Contact Sport: How Staying Connected and Serving Others Will Help You Grow Your Business, Expand Your Influence — or Even Land Your Next Job.

Joe has given hundreds of keynote addresses to a variety of businesses and corporations such as Northwestern Mutual, General Electric, Wells Fargo, CUNA Mutual, Manpower Group, Merrill Lynch, Minnesota Wild NHL team, Morgan Stanley, Travelers Insurance, UBS, the Navy SEALs, and numerous universities, church congregations, and professional and collegiate athletic teams.

Joe is a dynamic, humorous, fun, and caring person that has found his passion in inspiring others to make the most of their lives by believing anything is possible. He resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Networking is a Contact Sport  Joe Sweeney 

 Networking is a Contact Sport: 


In this New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA TODAY bestseller, master networker Joe Sweeney shares his networking secrets from a long and successful career as a business owner, sports agent and executive and investment banking consultant.

Take- away: How staying connected and serving others can help grow your business, increase your influence, or even land your next job.

His first secret: master networkers are focused on giving, not getting.

With today’s difficult economy and uncertain workplace, networking has never been more important. Sweeney’s simple but effective 5/10/15 networking plan will give you a leg up in the current job market, help you stay employed, or, if you’ve been laid off, find your next job. The cliché that who you know is more important than what you know has never been truer. Sweeney illustrates his insights with dozens of helpful examples from his own life (along with a few fascinating insider sports stories).
With special sections on networking for women and minorities, insights into the usefulness (and handicaps) of social networking sites, how to get (and why you need) a wingman and profiles of other master networkers, Networking Is a Contact Sport is a practical and essential guide for anyone who wants to get ahead in today’s economy.

2.  Moving the Needle:


Take Away: Get clear, get free, and get going in your career, business, and life!

Through his new book, Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life, Joe will show you how to put action plans into place, become accountable, and ultimately, achieve your goals. If you’ve been hoping to gain much-needed traction at work and in your personal life, then Joe Sweeney will show you how to move forward.

A master networker, Joe has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses to large corporations, and has heard a consistent refrain from CEOs, vice presidents, businessmen and businesswomen, military personnel, and college graduates following his presentations: “Can you help move the needle at our company and improve performance on a consistent basis?”
What Joe noticed was that these companies and their employees were having a hard time getting clear, getting free, and getting going in their professional as well as their personal lives. Sensing a vital need, Joe wrote Moving the Needle for anyone looking to work his or her way out of a rut or make key transitions in life.

Moving the needle can happen every day in our lives. You have to be committed to continuous improvement and also develop systems that help create game-changers. It isn’t always that large order in business or the big promotion. You can do it when you learn to get quiet, get centered, enjoy simple things in your life, and take pleasure in experiencing special moments that life presents to us.
When he employed the tools and systems in this book, Joe's life became richer, fuller, and blessed with experiences, purpose, and meaning... and your life can too!

The Value of Reflection: Take Away: Reflection can turn your somedays into today

Joe Sweeney was used to going a mile a minute. A successful sports agent and businessman, he believed that if he didn’t act fast, life would pass him by.

It took slowing down to show Sweeney the truth. It didn’t matter how fast he was going or how successful he became. He needed to decide what he really wanted from life. Putting aside distractions and diversions, Sweeney committed himself to a more purposeful existence, and now, he wants to help you do the same.

In this inspirational presentation, Sweeney teaches you how to:

  • stop and reflect on your life,

  • form a game plan for your future,

  • see the big picture,

  • find the wisdom in others,

  • ask the right questions,

  • discover the life you were meant to live, and

  • realize that life has an expiration date.
    Fun features like “go to the tape” reflections, “action plan” prompts, and “instant replay” summaries help you internalize his message and transform your life.