Mack Dryden


Whether you’re looking to inspire the troops or just make them laugh ’til they hurt, Mack is a guaranteed hit, as hundreds of thrilled clients are happy to attest. He’s been delighting audiences for years with his relaxed stage presence, hilarious stories, and uniquely engaging delivery. As a comedian, he’s performed on dozens of TV shows, including several appearances on The Tonight Show. As an actor, he’s appeared in several movies and on many other TV shows, including JAG and a recurring role as a judge on ABC’s The Guardian

Creating hilarious custom humor for each client comes naturally to Mack, who has written for several network TV shows; and his stories of surviving two battles with cancer, a stay in an African prison, “sharks in showbiz who stab you in the front,” and one “near-fatal marriage” are as inspiring as they are laugh-out-loud funny

After leaving a paper mill job in his home state of Mississippi, Mack earned an MFA in Creative Writing, a black belt in karate, and two AP reporting awards before finding his true passion as a professional comedian, actor, and speaker. His talent and perseverance took him to Hollywood, where he landed writing jobs on network shows, was a regular on ABC’s western series Paradise,and wrote and performed in 125 episodes of his own syndicated show, Comedy Break with Mack and Jamie, in addition to the aforementioned appearances.  He is an expert on overcoming obstacles, having survived a terrifying stay in an African prison, battles with two different types of cancer, and one “near-fatal marriage.” He has brought his unique brand of Motivation, Inspiration, and Jubilation to all 50 states, five continents, and a dozen countries including China, Mexico, the U.K., and Australia. He and his final wife have happily settled in the quaint river town of Louisville, KY.  


It’s impossible to describe with mere words how Mack creates comedic magic onstage, but happily, you can get a taste of the experience with your own eyes and ears! Just click on any of the short (5-6 minute) video previews below and treat yourself to a few belly laughs!  

Virtually Matchless Speaker/Comedian

Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals 

           This highly entertaining, thought-provoking presentation is packed with practical, proven techniques for setting, pursuing, and achieving both professional and personal goals, and will inspire the attendees to attack their objectives with renewed vigor, determination and focus. In his Seven-Step Guide--from Controlling Stress to Identifying a Specific Target to Taking Bold Action-- Mack dramatically demonstrates how far diligent baby steps can take you, how to maintain a Positive Attitude and sense of humor during the direst of circumstances, and how to dissolve that knot of fear when you’re venturing into unknown and frightening new territory. The audience will listen, mesmerized by the message and Mack’s magical stage presence, they’ll laugh, and they’ll learn that nothing can prevent them from making themselves and their organizations the very best that they can be.  


 How Humor in the Workplace-   Can Grow Your Bottom Line
   Studies show conclusively that maintaining a lighthearted mood in the workplace can reduce stress, absenteeism, and turnover while increasing productivity. Who wouldn’t want that for their business or organization?  Mack demonstrates how you don’t have to be funny to introduce humor into the workplace—you don’t even have to know how to tell a joke. Thousands of professionals have done your work for you by posting an endless supply of hilarious PG-13 material on the internet. Mack shows you where to find the material as well as how to use it appropriately to maximum effect. He also shares secrets of generating personal humor and building strong relationships in your unique workplace.  The ultimate goal is not to make your workplace a “funny” place, but rather a “fun” place where appropriate amounts of humor add a little sunshine and give employees a delightful shared experience. Remember: In the workplace, smiles are as powerful as laughs.

1. You don’t have to be a funny person to contribute to a lighthearted, enjoyable workplace.
2.  There is an endless supply of appropriate material to make your workplace a more fun place to be if you just know where to look and how to use it.
3. The benefits of creating an enjoyable workplace are tangible, quantifiable, and contribute significantly to an organization’s bottom line.

 Celebrating Cancer Survival: Live Happy, Laugh Loud
 The funniest two-time cancer survivor in the country inspires and motivates with his poignant-yet-hilarious stories of both his ordeals in his uniquely warm, family-friendly style. Cancer survivors, caregivers, and even patients still on their journey howl with laughter and leave thoroughly entertained and re-energized to pursue new goals and lend support to victims of this cruel disease.  Several years ago, when he learned that laughing actually releases cancer-killing agents into a person’s system, Mack’s drive to make people laugh reached new heights. When an oncologist confirmed that he no doubt kills thousands of cancer cells every year before they can grow and take lives, Mack became a man with a mission. With his endless enthusiasm, optimism, energy, and humor, Mack gives everyone who hears him a reason to celebrate every day, and a reason to keep hope alive.

 1. The inspiration and motivation to see every day as an opportunity to make you a more fulfilled person and the world a better place.
 2. How you can use humor and laughter as health benefits to yourself and others.
 3. How your own positive attitude and sense of humor can lift you up as well as everyone around you.

 Other Services
Fall-Down Funny Standup Comedy
        Mack’s relaxed stage presence, years of experience, and rib-busting, corporate clean comedy ensures that he’s a huge hit everywhere he performs. He never crosses the good taste line, and clients are constantly amazed at how laugh-out-loud funny he is without ever resorting to vulgarity or inappropriate material. One client described him as “the best clean comedian money can buy,” a compliment Mack wears with pride.  He’s a master at creating custom comedy for every client, so the audience knows he’s performing specifically for them and not just pulling a dusty act off the shelf.


The Perfect Host
        When your awards show, general session or other event needs a professional to keep it light, lively, and on schedule, Mack is a pro at keeping the audience thoroughly engaged and entertained while keeping the event on track.  His clients are always impressed with how diligently he prepares to ensure no one loses their place and that all of his pronunciations and references are spot-on. A common comment Mack hears is, “I usually dread this event because it’s so long and boring, but tonight I was sorry when it ended.”