Margaret A. Johnson, P.E., PCC  Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, and Author

Margaret received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and then moved to Texas as fast as she could! With her MBA (University of Houston - Clear Lake), professional engineering license and ICF (International Coach Federation) PCC corporate coaching credentials she inspires people and organizations to move from S.O.S. (Same Old Stuff) to W.O.W.! (Well On the Way) to where they want to be.

With her Her energy industry experience from corporate to consulting  she is able to connect with audiences at all levels through executives management in many industries.

She is a published author – “From SOS to WOW! Your Personal Coaching Adventure” - and a keynote speaker on assumption busting, creativity and risk-taking related topics.

She is a creative, energetic, engaging speaker who inspires audiences to increase their self-awareness and take immediate action to excel. She enjoys golf, beaches, volunteering, is a certified group exercise instructor in indoor cycle, yoga and weight lifting and loves spending time with her growing family.

Margaret's Programs

MindFULLness: The Cure for INFObesity

We are bombarded daily with an overload of information and expectations. INFObesity is the difficulty in sifting through information overload to make effective decisions. It affects our work performance and relationships. Through Mind-FULL-ness practices - focus, high performance habits, emotional intelligence,assumption busting, personal energy management, and strategy time - you will find a way to form effective strategies for high work performance moving forward.

  1. Identify the side effects of INFObesity and personal impact on performance 

  2. Determine the root cause of your individual INFObesity situation and your WHY for doing what you do to use as filters going forward

  3. Based on your values and root cause,  you will be able to identify the strategies that will work best for your situation from focus, high performance habits, emotional intelligence, boundaries, personal energy management and creativity flow to plan to take a risk to make a change.


• Assess where you are now (Same Old Stuff) in a particular area of concern where progress is desired – professionally or personally.

• Determine where you want to be (Well On the Way) and what that would look like – setting goals and vision.

• Techniques and exercises are presented to move the participants from their S.O.S. to W.O.W. in the areas of focus, creativity, being present, assumptions, risk taking, self-talk and assertiveness.


• Examine your thinking patterns and learn to look
for opportunities rather than problems, strengths
more than weaknesses, and what can be done instead
of what can’t. Through this presentation you will be able to

• Identify those areas where you react negatively and
change the way you see yourself, others and situations



• Learn to handle work relationships effectively at all levels.

• Evaluate myths regarding managing your bosses.

• Determine strengths and weaknesses, clarify work styles, expectations and personal assets so that you can partner together with your bosses more effectively.

• Learn techniques to deal with less than ideal bosses.

• Get tips to prepare for conversations with the boss.


• Increase your understanding of risk taking in the
workplace and analyze your current risk taking attitude.
• Determine the effect of other people’s risk taking
orientation on your own and vice-versa.
• select a risk taking goal and plan steps to assure
more successful risk taking.


• Increase your understanding of creativity and recognize
your abilities.

• Learn techniques to look at problems differently

• Make a plan to apply creativity exercises to current work situations for new solutions.

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