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Michael Solomon 

is a International Speaker and Renowned Author

A thought leader in marketing and advertising, Michael’s client roster includes leading industries such as financial services and insurance, consumer goods and food, apparel design and fashion, as well as aviation and technology.  He has spoken to business groups around the world delivering keynotes in South Korea, Brazil, Peru, Japan, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Poland.

Passionate about the extraordinary world of the ordinary consumer, Michael has advised numerous companies on lifestyle marketing issues and consumer research to fine tune product and service offerings for brand launches and stronger sales results.

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Andrew Davis

Bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. 

Recognized as one of the industry's "Jaw-Dropping Marketing Speakers," Andrew is a mainstay on global marketing influencer lists. Wherever he goes, Andrew Davis puts his infectious enthusiasm and magnetic speaking style to good use teaching business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Andrew produced for NBC’s Today Show, worked for The Muppets in New York and wrote for Charles Kuralt. He's appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and on NBC and the BBC. Davis has crafted documentary films and award-winning content for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands.

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Jan Zlotnick

Executive  brand & creative director.  Lover of life. Dare devil of ideas. Guardian angel of brand.

Drive Sales. Grow Value. Inspire Culture

Human to human, whatever the category. It’s not about being an “expert” in any industry. It’s about being an expert on getting to a human truth. To connect to a deeper, often unarticulated customer need. As I did for Grapeshot, Sprinklr, GlobeOp and others, I build the brand and customer experiences, driving culture, mktg+sales. Accelerating 5x-10x growth

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Tim Washer

Content Marketing expert, studied improv under Amy Poehler, comedy writing with The Colbert Report executive producer Tom Purcell, and has appeared on SNL, Conan O’Brien,

Tim has performed at corporate events for IBM, Cisco, Deloitte, CDC, Google and The White House. His award-winning corporate work has been featured in The New York Times, WSJ, Ad AgeADWEEK, and Fast Company. He has presented at Content Marketing World Sydney, SXSW, Harvard Business School and Forrester’s CMO Council. He holds an MBA from McCombs at UT Austin, where he majored in PowerPoint.

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Zeev Wexler

Zeev Wexler is a modern day sales guru and the CEO of the prestigious marketing firm Wexler

Zeev Wexler is a modern day sales extraordinaire and the CEO of the rising D.C. marketing firm, Wexler LLC. At the age of 16, he owned a thriving business in tourism and hospitality in Israel.


A former soldier in the Israeli special forces, Zeev has applied his life of military discipline and has achieved many great successes and awards throughout his 20+ years of sales experience, including setting a Guinness Book World Record in sales. He currently lives with his
wife and kids in Alexandria, VA and dedicates his time to motivating and uplifting other entrepreneurs to ultimate success.

Niklas Myhr, Ph.D.

The Social Media Professor

an author and an international TEDx and keynote speaker

Dr. Myhr is Google's #1-ranked Social Media Professor, the author of the upcoming book “The Social Customer Journey,” and his expertise on social media & digital marketing has been featured in publications such as BBC, The Washington Post, Marketplace Morning Report, InformationWeek, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News. Dr. Niklas Myhr is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has delivered two TEDx talks.

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Jay Izso

 the Internet Doctor®

National Multi-Award Winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, Radio/TV Personality

Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor®, Is a Multi-Award winning author of the book Got Social Mediology?,

From college athletes to Wall Street and everywhere in between, Jay Izso speaks to athletes, coaches, employees and corporate executives on how to understand the
psychology behind social media to best develop personal and brand recognition, establish loyal followers, execute goals, and drive positive agendas 
Jay is haracterized as a Speaking Entertainer. 


He also is regular radio personality, that helps people and businesses increase their performance, through research and inspiration. His wit and wisdom have been featured on such shows as "Tipping Point" with Liz Wheeler, and national radio programs throughout North America. He has a Master's of Science in Experimental Psychology from Washington State University and can be found on your favorite social media platforms.

Michael is the chief behavioral officer at Clicksuasion Labs, and his clients have appeared on the Fortune 500 list, as well as on ABC’s Shark Tank, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.


Michael is a trusted thought leader and expert in  consumer perceptions emotions, and experiences that drive consumer decision-making both online and in person. His practice areas include social psychology, brand management, marketing, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and long-term business growth strategies.


Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.   Award-winning writer and speaker.

Robert is a  serial entrepreneur who has started nine companies, is a successful advertising copywriter and creative director. Over the past 20 years, he has assisted hundreds of businesses with their advertising efforts. As a result he has earned eight SouthStar advertising awards (unique among advertising awards the SouthStar is awarded for more than creativity - it is awarded for increasing the revenue of the client).  

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