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Meet Michael Solomon

A thought leader in marketing and advertising, Michael’s presentations reveal cutting-edge trends in advertising and marketing, branding, consumer behavior, and social media. He creates a visual excursion into the minds of consumers and what influences them to buy. He captivates audiences with the insights he unveils during his interactive keynotes and seminars.

Michael’s client roster includes leading industries such as financial services and insurance, consumer goods and food, apparel design and fashion, as well as aviation and technology.  He has spoken to business groups around the world delivering keynotes in South Korea, Brazil, Peru, Japan, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Poland.  Passionate about the extraordinary world of the ordinary consumer, Michael has advised numerous companies on lifestyle marketing issues and consumer research to fine tune product and service offerings for brand launches and stronger sales results.

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ROI – Return on Involvement:


The Devoted Consumer and the Magic Triangle of Branding- ½ day or 1 day

One way to look at ROI (return on investment) is to evaluate marketing efforts in terms of another kind of ROI: return on involvement. This session will explore ways to engage consumers who are tuning out traditional marketing messages as they search for value in a challenging economy.  We will cover such topics as sensory marketing, brand personality and the extended self as we identify strategies to boost return on involvement.

Why Do They Buy?

1 day or 2 days

Do you know what your product or service MEANS to your customers? The answer might surprise you.

Do you know why:

  • Some consumers tattoo brand logos on their bodies?

  • Your customers would rather learn about your business from Facebook “friends” they’ve never met than from you?

  • Marketers are borrowing techniques from neuroscientists to peer deep into our brains and learn how consumers really react to products?

  • Subtle cues in the store environment of which the shopper is unaware lead him/her toward some products and away from others?

This program provides an overview of major issues in consumer behavior and shows you why it’s vital for your business to understand the why people buy – and why they don’t.

You will see your customer in a new way.

HOW Design Live

Relating to Consumers on Virtual Platforms- ½ day

Facebook is not a social media strategy.  Like Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other platforms, it is only a tactical solution to a more fundamental strategic issue: 


How do marketers relate to customers who want to play a much more proactive role in determining the value, and indeed the very meaning, of their brands?

Welcome to The Metaverse.  Individual consumers around the globe today use digital technologies to connect to a larger community of people and “crowdsource” to build their identities.  Brands are the bricks that give shape to these identities – technology platforms are the mortar that binds them together.  


The Metaverse is a digital universe of shared meanings that unites consumers via websites, blogs, virtual worlds, augmented reality, and other social media platforms.   This program will review research in consumer psychology and industry examples to understand how this change profoundly influences the way organizations need to relate to consumers – and to involve them as partners in new product development, pricing, distribution and promotion.

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