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Michelle Harcourt, RHN

Work Place Wellness Consultant, Trainer, Author and Professional Speaker 

Every step you take in the direction of positive growth is a success. Whether it comes following a breakdown or a breakthrough, each day, each minute, each second counts.


Michelle Harcourt, RHN is a wellness coach, speaker, and trainer with a passion for health and desire to share the true life-tools that create optimal wellness.

Michelle shares how simple and strategic adjustments in your day to day choices can give you the breakthrough you've been waiting for. She weaves in her own stories, and experiences, and brings her charismatically-real stage presence to highlight that "Life is truly what you make it".

Turn tired, stressed and unhealthy employees into your company’s best asset!
Learn how to reduce sick days, improve retention and promote a culture of workplace wellness. Learn how to up-level your lifestyle experiences, by
up-levelling your health and wellness knowledge and skill set through education - learn the daily practices that could change your life.



Make it Count Wellness founded by Michelle Harcourt, was built on her passion for health and  desire to share the true life-tools that create optimal wellness. When bodies and minds are strong and healthy, dreams become reality.

Michelle's programs are for adults, children, and families, and focus on support to up-level lifestyle experiences, by up-levelling health and wellness skillset through education, and the practice of preventative wellness and empowerment.