Top Event Speakers


Transformational Keynote Speaker James Feldman, CSP

Jim is a sought after transformational speaker that identifies what can be done NOW to impact future trends. He helps guide his clients on the Journey To Bright Ideas™.

The velocity of business change has increased to the point that Jim recognized that most organizations must be able to constantly shift your thinking and emphasis to address issues and opportunities as they arise. Management practices that may have worked yesterday may not work today. Your employees’ development and your customer retention must change.

He provides plain talk to smart people. Jim focuses on the results and challenges your audiences…“don’t let what you think you know prevent you from learning what you need to know.”  


David Bryson 

Keynote and motivational speaker who delivers an engaging and challenging message

Are you ready to weave storytelling into your corporate culture? Do you want to increase your engagement with clients and co-workers through effective storytelling?  If your desire is to communicate with impact, make a connection and not just “sell” clients but establish a relationship that will reap fruit for years, my keynote presentation will guide you through the importance of having a clear vision..


Boris Cherniak

Award-winning entertainer, motivational speaker 


Boris Cherniak is an award-winning entertainer, motivational speaker, and comedy hypnotist named Global Leader, Global Guru, and a TEDx speaker.

Incredible hypnotist and motivational speaker Boris Cherniak appears worldwide at corporate events, conference keynotes, theatre, fairs, universities. He has headlined on the Las Vegas strip, entertained troops in Afghanistan and empowered women at a leadership conference in Dubai. Event attendees get motivated and inspired while addressing mental health. Hire the best keynote speaker with a message of limitless possibilities as part of a hilarious interactive presentation.

Katerina Cozias

 America's Media Mindset Mentor,  Hollywood based 

media personality, 

best selling author and professional speaker.

Katerina Cozias is America’s Media Mindset Mentor.

An international media & communications expert, on-camera TV hostand best selling author she currently resides in Los Angeles and is the co-producer & host of the morning talk show LA40 and the founder of VasGeo Media Corp., a Hollywood based media training and production company. 

When you learn to communicate effectively, you will not only truly tap your personal confidence but you’ll be able to magnify your intrinsic charisma. 

Mastery of these intangible social lubricants will allow you to fold time and accelerate success.


Roy Redd

Roy is a TedX speaker and 4-time #1 best-selling author of the book The Unnoticed Advantage and The Success Magnet: Cultivate the 5 values that attract success, The Six-figure Trainer and The Little Book Of Mental Health.

Roy Redd is a professional speaker. In other words, it’s not his hobby. His job is to make you look great and to deliver a world-class presentation. Plenty of event planners have trusted Roy to inspire, motivate, entertain, and educate their audiences and Roy has delivered his talks with an unprecedented 100% satisfaction rate.


David Veech

Author, Professional Speaker, and Business Owner

David teaches leaders how to Love, Learn, and Let go so they can create satisfying workplaces that engage the creative and productive power of people.  Leaders who apply David’s lessons build great workplaces that enjoy higher productivity, profitability, and professionalism.  David is the author of two best-selling books: Leadersights: Creating Great Leaders Who Create Great Workplaces, and The C4 Process: Four Vital Steps to Better Work. 

Mark Kamp head shot_crop.jpg

Marvelless Mark 

For over 25 years, Mark’s electrifying and unforgettable presentations have left audiences jumping out of their seats, yelling for more and most importantly, learning priceless new strategies to impact their business. He is the customer and employee engagement guru.

Not the exuberant keynote experience it is today, Mark Kamp’s® mission is to unlock everyone’s inner rock star, wherever that may take him.

Clients invite him to their meetings because he makes their executive message stick, plus excites and engages their people.

In short, Mark will show your team how to be business rockstars® and they’ll have a blast doing it! Energetic. Engaging. Charismatic. Interactive. That’s Mark Kamp®!


Paul Meshanko

 Author, professional speaker and business owner



With over 25 years of experience in leadership development and organizational culture change.
 A passionate thought leader and champion supporting diversity, equity, inclusion and engagement efforts, after over a decade with a Fortune 500 company, he opened Legacy Business Cultures to serve the growing demand for change management and employee engagement training.

 Known for his down to earth, humorous and engaging style, Paul has captivated over a half million leaders and business professionals on five continents. His educational materials have been translated into over 25 languages and his newsletter is read by thousands of subscribers each month.

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He is the founder of the 937 Strategy Group, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm that provides training and development programs for frontline and C-Suite leaders in the healthcare and human services industry. Previously, he served as a senior official in the Obama Administration as the Director of External Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), where he advised President Barack Obama and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on public engagement strategies to introduce Main Street to the Affordable Care Act. Anton was also a 2014 Resident Fellow at the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Anton is a former state legislator from South Carolina, who is inspired by service and invested in empowerment. His life is devoted to helping others understand the true impact of their leadership, their legacy.

Anton Gunn

Anton Gunn is Keynote Speaker | Author| Leadership Expert President Obama’s
‘TopGunn’ on Health Care Reform

Chris Westfall Author of Leadership Lang

Chris Westfall

 Keynote Speaker, Author and International Business Coach.  Chris has worked with Fortune 100 companies, technology giants, business owners and high-growth organizations around the world

At the heart of every business issue, every new initiative and every customer service interaction is COMMUNICATION.  Are you ready to change the conversation, and change your results?     


MEET CHRIS WESTFALL- Keynote Speaker, Author and International Business Coach.  Chris has worked with Fortune 100 companies, technology giants, business owners and high-growth organizations around the world.  Chris has been busy Creating multi-million dollar results for businesses around the globe. Re-inventing brands, Inspiring executive leaders, Energizing sales teams and coaching clients onto Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and  Shark Tank – Australia.   


Bernadette McClelland

High Content Speaker on Sales Psychology | Business Growth | Inspiration | Leadership

 Bernadette believes in today’s environment, a female speaker in a male-dominated field ~ B2B sales performance and sales leadership ~ combined with having a strong ‘walk your talk’ profile is a huge differentiator. Blending business strategy with both behavior AND the brain she ensures her audiences create greater cut-through in understanding why they get the results they do, or don’t!  


Steve Rizzo

 Hall of Fame speaker and former national headline comedian


Steve Rizzo is the author of the bestselling books Motivate THIS! and Get Your SHIFT Together, and is often called upon as the “go-to” guy on the topic of personal development for many networks, cable, and radio media outlets. His immensely popular PBS special brought him into millions of homes and revealed why he’s an expert on Attitude, Humor, and the Power of Positive Thinking.  

Perhaps the most unexpected aspect of Steve’s career was the stellar degree of success he achieved as a national headline comedian, with opening acts such as Drew Carey, Rosie O’Donnell, and Dennis Miller. He shared the marquee with Ellen DeGeneres, Rodney Dangerfield, Eddie Murphy, and Jerry Seinfeld. Steve starred in his very own Showtime comedy special, earning him honors as a Showtime Comedy All-Star.

Mike Evans 

An award-winning author/speaker who has developed a unique perspective from 20+ years of working alongside thought leaders.  

Mike uses his unique insights, passion, experience, and humor to positively affect individuals, teams, and organizations. He is experienced with executive leadership teams and groups at all organizational levels. His style is engaging, upbeat, entertaining, thought-provoking, compelling, and most importantly educational, relevant, and impactful.

Clients describe him as inspiring, motivating, and a ball of energy with an unequaled focus and passion for helping them achieve their desired results


Frank C. Bucaro, CSP, CPAE

 Hall of Fame Ethics Keynote Speaker, Author and Thought Leader on Values-based Leadership Development.

Believing that ethics and values had the power to increase business success rather than impede it, Frank left teaching and formed a business partnership offering keynotes and seminars. The transition to business owner was nearly seamless with the introduction of his first keynote entitled HOW DO YOU SPELL SUCCESS? E-T-H-I-C-S! 


He is a business owner and author of the book The Trust Puzzle: How to Keep Your Company on the Ethical High Road. 

His articles have been published in a variety of industry publications and in ethics and compliance magazines such as Compliance & Ethics Professional, Corporate Compliance INSIGHTS, and ETHISPHERE .

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Johnny Campbell

AKA The Transition Man, DTM, AS, is an Author, Award winning, Tedx Speaker and Organizational Change Speaker whose passion is helping Organizations develop their Readiness to Embrace Change & Succeed.

Johnny gained his change and sales experience in the Insurance industry where he worked as a corporate trainer and participated in guiding hundreds of people through multiple Corporate downsizings and mergers. Based on Johnny s business results, experience and his ability to help clients overcome challenges
and succeed in their business and lives he is called The Transition Man.

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Andrew Davis

Bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. 

Recognized as one of the industry's "Jaw-Dropping Marketing Speakers," Andrew is a mainstay on global marketing influencer lists. Wherever he goes, Andrew Davis puts his infectious enthusiasm and magnetic speaking style to good use teaching business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Andrew produced for NBC’s Today Show, worked for The Muppets in New York and wrote for Charles Kuralt. He's appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and on NBC and the BBC. Davis has crafted documentary films and award-winning content for tiny start-ups and Fortune 500 brands.


Scott Nicholson

  A life enhancement expert,  dynamic communicator and Executive Consultant

With more than 20 years’ experience starting and building numerous successful businesses, Scott has been involved in every aspect of business processes. Having lead national sales teams, cultivated major retail customer accounts, built large national brand licensing partnerships, managed overseas logistics operations and created and marketed some of the most successful housewares consumer products in history.


Eric Termuende

Gobally recognized thought leader, author, and international speaker on the future of work and building teams that thrive

As co-founder of NoW Innovations, he is creating a movement bringing diverse leaders together to share best practices and evolve in the NoW.


As a popular media personality, he is featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post. Named as an American Express Top 100 Emerging Innovators Under 35, he was a representative for Canada at the G20 Summit in Sydney, Australia and has been trusted by organizations like Amazon, Arc'teryx, Kronos, AAA, CPA, to name a few.

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Shawn Harper

played for several NFL teams , including the Indianapolis Colts, and is currently CEO of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio.


He is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who shares the wisdom he gained from his life experiences.

Shawn uses his “no excuses” philosophy to motivate millions of students, executives, and CEOs. Rising to fame in the NFL and serving as a life coach, successful business owner and worldwide motivational speaker, Shawn is living proof that “a set-back is a set-up for a comeback.“


Mack Dryden

Whether you’re looking to inspire the troops or just make them laugh ’til they hurt, Mack is a guaranteed hit, as hundreds of thrilled clients are happy to attest.

Mack has been delighting audiences for years with his relaxed stage presence, hilarious stories, and uniquely engaging delivery. As a comedian, he’s performed on dozens of TV shows, including several appearances on The Tonight Show. As an actor, he’s appeared in several movies and on many other TV shows, including JAG and a recurring role as a judge on ABC’s The Guardian.

Creating hilarious custom humor for each client comes naturally to Mack, who has written for several network TV shows; and his stories of surviving two battles with cancer, a stay in an African prison, “sharks in showbiz who stab you in the front,” and one “near-fatal marriage” are as inspiring as they are laugh-out-loud funny

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Eric Kaufmann’s passion is Executive Development. His book, The Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey through Risk to Results, teaches the essential virtues shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders and how they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. As an Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author he partners with leaders to go below the surface and beyond the obvious so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate wholeheartedly. 

Eric Kaufmann

Executive Coach, Author of "The Four Virtues of a Leader", Keynote speaker and resident of the World

Chris Widener

Speaker, Author, Business Coach and Mentor is widely recognized as one of the top speakers in the world today.

Chris Widener has been named one of the top 50 speakers in the world and one of the Inc Magazine’s Top 100 leadership speakers. When you bring Chris in to speak you get an engaging world class presenter with a dynamic message that will help your audience discover how to have powerful influence in life and business.  Chris considers it a privilege to be able to speak to people, help them lead successful lives, become extraordinary leaders and, masterful salespeople.  His clients are a “who’s who” of American businesses and organizations, including: General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Harvard Business School. 

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John Baumann

Attorney, University Faculty, Author of Book on Success and Professional Educational Speaker /Expert /Consultant on Proven-to-be-effective Proactive Sexual Harassment Prevention Culture Programs and Introduction to the Law and the Legal Process

Attorney, University Faculty, Author of Book on Success and Professional Educational Speaker /Expert /Consultant on Proven-to-be-effective Proactive Sexual Harassment Prevention Culture Programs and Introduction to the Law and the Legal Process.

HEAD SHOT - Doug-Howarth_25 Proff.jpg

Doug Howarth

 CEO and founder of Multidimensional Economic Evaluators (MEE) Inc., the inventor and world leader in 4D market analytics.

Thought leader in the field of economics and is shaking up the classic paradigm of "Law of Supply and Demand" with a Multi-dimensional Economic platform.

Howarth discovered that the economy self-organizes in recognizable patterns and has devised ways to portray markets in four, five or any number of dimensions.  He has addressed international conferences in Amsterdam, Brussels, St. Petersburg (Russia), Montreal, Melbourne (Australia) New York, New Orleans, Seattle, St. Louis, Albuquerque, among others.

Greenberg Headshot.jpeg

Scott Greenberg-Leadership, Performance Speaker and Author


Scott designs game-changing steps to grow businesses, build high-performing teams and create unforgettable customer experiences. For ten years Scott was a multi-unit, award-winning Franchise Owner with Edible Arrangements. His operation won international recognition: “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year,” out of more than 1000 locations worldwide.

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Bob Graham

Co-founder and CEO of Serious Soft Skills, a training, coaching and speaking company that helps develop people and organization’s interpersonal skills.

Bob Graham is on a mission: To encourage people to care about their interpersonal skills as much as their technical skills.


To accomplish this mission, he has developed a trio of breakthrough skills. As co-founder and CEO of Serious Soft Skills, he trains, coaches and speaks on these skills and how they can empower individuals, teams and organizations to be more productive, collaborative and innovative.


Mark DeVolder

A globally recognised speaker on change, innovation, engagement and resilience

Mark engages audiences the moment he steps on stage. His cutting edge content, valuable take-aways, and entertaining audience interaction, are all illustrated by unstoppable humour and memorable stories. People leave with tools and a template to re-energize, re-engage and transform their workplace and life.

Mark distinguishes himself as a change management specialist and is one of today’s original thinkers and motivators on transitions. Often in the spotlight for high profile transitions, Mark offered guidance for the ending of the NASA Space Shuttle Program, helped Colombian business leaders adapt to the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement and has coached industry leaders in mergers and acquisitions, some as large as $50 billion dollars.

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Dr. Rick Brinkman 

is a motivational speaker and trainer best known for  his  Conscious  Communication® 

expertise conveyed to millions of people via keynotes and trainings, radio, television, print interviews, and numerous award-winning books

He is co-author of the international bestselling book, Dealing with People You Can't Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, published by McGraw-Hill and translated into 25 languages. He is also co-author of four others, Life by Design: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Dealing With Relatives, Love Thy Customer, and Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand: How to Meet Less and Do More, available May 2017.


Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.   Award-winning writer and speaker.

Robert is a  serial entrepreneur who has started nine companies, is a successful advertising copywriter and creative director. Over the past 20 years, he has assisted hundreds of businesses with their advertising efforts. As a result he has earned eight SouthStar advertising awards (unique among advertising awards the SouthStar is awarded for more than creativity - it is awarded for increasing the revenue of the client).  

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Tim Washer

Content Marketing expert, studied improv under Amy Poehler, comedy writing with The Colbert Report executive producer Tom Purcell, and has appeared on SNL, Conan O’Brien,

Tim has performed at corporate events for IBM, Cisco, Deloitte, CDC, Google and The White House. His award-winning corporate work has been featured in The New York Times, WSJ, Ad AgeADWEEK, and Fast Company. He has presented at Content Marketing World Sydney, SXSW, Harvard Business School and Forrester’s CMO Council. He holds an MBA from McCombs at UT Austin, where he majored in PowerPoint.

Michelle H-1070.jpg

Michelle Harcourt

Corporate Wellness Specialist and Founder of Make it Count Wellness

Michelle Harcourt, RHN is an Author, professional speaker and Wellness consultant. As the founder of Make it Count Wellness she fulfills her passion for Health and desire to share true life tools that create optimal Health.


Shlomo Freund

Keynote speaker, financial coach, and  entrepreneur. 

A former Forbes writer and host of one of the most successful Podcasts about business in China, Shlomo also speaks Globally and is frequently a guest and featured on Podcasts and quoted in the media. He works with Born2invest and now is writing for the China Plus about personal finance, investments, and financial freedom.

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Dr. Bryan K. Williams, D.M

is a keynote speaker, consultant, author and a noted authority on service excellence, purpose-driven leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Over the past ten years Bryan has worked closely with senior leaders to provide consulting, leadership and training expertise to hundreds of organizations in over 20 industries ranging from Healthcare to Luxury Hotels throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Dr. Williams has earned degrees in Business Administration, and an Associate’s Degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, and Adult Education, including Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.

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Briana Braggs

Corporate Wellness Specialist , conflict resolution practitioner, Social Media Expert. 

Author, speaker, social media expert, mindfulness coach, and meditation industry leader

Briana founded Business Bragger, a digital marketing company specializing in social media,
while she was still in school finishing her marketing degree at Florida Atlantic University.
Her digital savvy quickly attracted clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

New John_edited.jpg

John Livesay 

aka The Pitch Whisperer, is a sales keynote speaker  and Bestselling Author

 John shares the lessons learned from his award-winning sales career at Conde Nast with organizations'sales teams on how to become irresistible so they are magnetic to their ideal clients. In his keynote, “Better Selling Through Storytelling,” he shows audiences how to become revenue rock stars who form an emotional connection that makes them memorable.

 In his keynote “Better Selling Through Storytelling,” he shows companies’ sales teams how to become irresistible so they are magnetic to their ideal clients.

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Steve Simpson

Co founder, author and professional speaker, Steve trains teams and organizations to understand and improve their culture using the UGRs concept.

Creator of the ‘UGRs’ concept - used by companies across the globe to understand and transform workplace cultures. Recipient of the National Educator of the Year Award and co-author the recently released book ‘A Culture Turned’.

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Dr. Josh Luke

Storytelling. Humor. Heart. Tips to Save thousands on health care - Award Winning Health care Futurist ,​Hospital CEO & USC Faculty. As featured on Forbes & LinkedIn: Award Winning Health Care Futurist, ​Hospital CEO & USC Faculty 


Dr. Josh Luke is a health care futurist and former hospital CEO whose expertise includes sharing simple tactics on how to make health care more affordable, as well as how to get access to the best doctors and hospitals. Dr. Luke started his career as a jet-setting sports marketer working with some of the most famous athletes in the world. Then, after a career change to health care brought on by his grandmother’s disease process, he ascended to become a hospital CEO by age 32.


Steven Hollingsworth

 A Speaker / Author's presentations are high-energy, interactive sessions using a variety of media and props to capture and keep the audience's attention. You will be informed, enlightened, and engaged in communication, leadership, and relationship-building activities.  Steven has parlayed his love of cartoons into the training curriculum Toon In Your Career. Through the lens of original and classic cartoons, Steven helps managers and employees communicate more effectively, reimagine company and individual success, and bridge the generational divide in the workplace.  



Joe Sweeney

An acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and thought leader on the topics of networking, business and personal development, Joe has delivered keynote presentations and workshops for hundreds of companies, universities, associations, and organizations worldwide.

His talk will inspire, motivate, and change the mindset of how you and your team approach sales and marketing forever. Joe will provide your team members with the tools and strategies to sharpen their networking skill set, which they can start implementing immediately.

Through his 35+ years of experience in business and sports, you'll discover firsthand how working with Joe will enrich both your personal and professional relationships while creating new opportunities for growth.


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