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Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.


Wilson took his understanding of human motivation and put it to use as an advertising creative. Rob increased revenue for dozens of companies, and won many awards. His success in the advertising industry led to his being invited to teach by five colleges. At Georgia State University, he taught advertising, marketing, and public relations for five years. Rob then converted his classes into seminars and took them on the road. His clients soon started asking for keynotes speeches as well, so Rob developed his speeches on innovation, achievement, and leadership.


Rob Wilson is also the author of four books, and an internationally syndicated column that runs in more than 300 publications.

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Leader

Rob Wilson is a creative spirit, an innovator, a motivator, and a serial entrepreneur who has developed nine businesses. He has been a student of human motivation and innovation since high school - initially to develop believable characters for his fiction.

As a college student, he studied psychology and worked in mental health. His first job as a motivator was in suicide prevention. He worked for a short-term mental hospital where he learned how to help people, who were suffering from depression, quickly get up and functioning back in society.

Rob started his first two companies in college. His first, a multi-level marketing business, was a failure. After working it doggedly for two years, he finally realized that it was a money-pit. The good news is he was able to take what he learned from that experience and make his second business, a specialty jewelry company, a success. 

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The Innovator’s Lifestyle  
How to Think like an Innovator and...Get a Competitive Edge in Today’s Economy

Sure, it's exciting to solve a problem, but there is more to innovation than that. Feeding your creative spirit is exciting and invigorating. Creative energy is highly motivating, and makes life seem worthwhile. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of your own personal genius. It's about the journey, or as the American painter, Robert Henri, put it, "The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable."

Innovation is not just for big corporations, everyone can benefit from thinking more like an innovator. You organization needs...According to a survey by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, CEOs rank creativity as the most important leadership skill for successful organizations of the future. Rob Wilson's program delivers the creativity skills that leaders need!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
* How to Stimulate Creative Thinking When You Need it the Most. 
* How to Solve Problems Faster and Easier.
* How to Think Better under Pressure.
* How to Recognize Opportunities - Including Ones that Make Money.

* How to Deal with Change.
* How to Use Innovation to Increase Sales, Improve Customer Service, and

   Operate More Efficiently.
* How to Develop New Ideas for the Challenges that Face Your Company

   or Industry.


And, there’s more! When you embrace the innovator’s lifestyle you’ll live longer, resist brain degeneration, and improve your sex life. Stop neglecting your native ingenuity and creative energy; take some time today to get back to it. You'll be glad you did.

Harnessing Success in a Chaotic Market

Our economy is in the throes of a major structural shift – the most disruptive since the Industrial Revolution.  The American market place is evolving rapidly, and top analysts have forecast that only the most innovative businesses will succeed. To remain competitive through these changes, your organization needs people who can bring new ideas to the table. Innovation will determine the future of your company, and now is the time to prepare for the challenges ahead. Every organization needs people who can bring new ideas to the table. New uses for old products... New techniques to close sales... New methods for increasing productivity, and, in this era of downsizing... New ways to do more with less!

Empower your people with the superior problem solving skills that will keep your organization on the cutting edge. Discover Robert Wilson’s secrets for stimulating creative thought. Schedule this mind-awakening presentation for your organization, today!


Wisdom In The Weirdest Places

Whether it is increasing sales, improving customer service, or meeting your own personal dreams, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places is the entertaining, humorous speech to get you motivated toward achieving your goals.

Rob Wilson has explored much of the world’s tried and true wisdom that has been passed down over the ages. And, in his studies, he has discovered that the path to success, to achieving our goals and dreams, is often right under our nose. The problem is that we can’t see it because our vision is clouded by doubt and fear. Rob shows how to overcome these barriers to success.

You'll discover how Wisdom, Ideas and Courage are often found in unexpected places. Such as how an "F" on an English paper convinced Robert that he could become a successful writer. And, how a college prank and four words in Braille led to the publication of his first book. As a bonus Rob will share the four secrets to a long life, and how the burning desire to achieve a single goal kept one woman alive for 122 years.

You’ll see your people focus on both their personal and business goals as Rob shares his easy-to-implement plan for achieving them. Plus, Rob will tie his message to your meeting theme or organizational objectives. This presentation is perfect as a meeting kick off or for closing on high note.

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