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Roy is a 4-time #1 best-selling author of the book The Unnoticed Advantage and The Success Magnet: Cultivate the 5 values that attract success, The Six-figure Trainer and The Little Book Of Mental Health. Roy also Is a performance coach who works with the pro, college, and high school athletes. He works with the athletes to dramatically increase, tangible, measurable, and physical results. He also does this with companies, organizations, and anyone who has a purpose. At the age of 25, Roy realized he was not the person he wanted to become. That’s when he decided to make a change in his life. Since that startling realization, he went from broke to making six-figures, homeless to buying his first home, and depressed to feeling fulfilled.

Roy Redd is a professional speaker. In other words, it’s not his hobby. His job is to make you look great and to deliver a world-class presentation. Plenty of event planners have trusted Roy to inspire, motivate, entertain, and educate their audiences and Roy has delivered his talks with an unprecedented 100% satisfaction rate.

Roy Redd

Roy Found that his distinctions dramatically increased what he calls workability. Workability simply means the ability to get the job done. When we look at the workability of an object we judge the object on its ability to do what the object was made for. With this knowledge, Roy realized that the workability of a human comes down to the human’s ability to achieve its purpose. This makes performance the most important thing in life because to perform means to do what it takes to achieve a purpose. Roy became a performance coach for Pro, collegiate, and high school athletes. With a new distinction, Roy calls UnBounded Performance Roy is coaching people to dramatically increase tangible, measurable, and physical results.


Roy has spoken at Ted, National Head Start Conference, International Health and Wealth conference, La Sierra University, Unbounded Basketball Camp, Chaffey College, Stanford, Inland Empire One Love Christmas Party For Orphans, and Multiple High School, College, and NBA Teams. I have been featured on shows like Hollywood Unlocked, The daily Grind, Convos with Cole, and multiple radio shows and podcasts.

Attract Success


UnBounded Success: How to get out of your own way and achieve your goals fast.

Description: In this fast-paced, energetic presentation, Roy will show you how to get more done in less time, and with less waste.

With principles learned in his years of working with professional athletes and CEO’s, Roy will demonstrate the 4 keys to mind mastery and performance. You do not need to be an athlete or a CEO to take advantage of Roy’s ideas to change your life.


In fact, Roy will show you how he went from broke and embarrassed to make a living working with the top athletes in the world. The principles come from "in the game" experience and will be carefully tailored to your community.



1. To demonstrate the principles for getting more done in less time with less waste, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing error.


2. To show the secrets to seamless, effective communication. Drawn from Roy’s persuasion secrets and extensive business experience, this principle alone will dramatically increase your communication skills and effectiveness.


3. To show your team & leadership the 4 keys to success and how to implement them to experience more speed & fulfillment in their work.



Question? With all the skills and experience that people have up until now, why are they still victims of their own self-sabotage? Why do they know what to do and how to do it but still don't do it?

Answer: Because they are bounded by their current mindset ceiling.

This talk does not teach people anything new but it allows them to start actually performing at a world-class level in what they currently do. World-class at work, world-class at home, and world-class in their own self-care.

People's frustrations come from the gap between who they are now and whom they want to be and those frustrations manifest in depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, and all of our negative experiences.

This talk brings total clarity and a guide to winning the war for your life.

This topic is important to me because I was depressed, broke, embarrassed, and homeless. I had to get myself out of that hole and after I did it I dedicated my life to do that for others.



  1. Identify what your true identity and mindset ceiling 

  2. Create and cultivate your true identity and raise your mindset ceiling to a world-class level

  3. Remove or at the very least relax all bounds giving you total dominion over your actions and mind. 


UnBounded Business Success: How To Make More Money, Get More Done, Have More Fun, and Take More Time Off.


My goal for you is simple: To help you earn more money, have a greater impact, have more fun, and have more free time. As long as you are implementation-minded and able to model the system I present for your business, you’ll understand the concepts and be able to grow your business and life. 


Most business owners are working in their business not on their business leaving them with a hundred things they are not doing and a hundred things they wish they were doing. Roy teaches applicable strategies that will teach you exactly how to get out of this trap. You got into business so that you can get your income goals, have an impact, and live the lifestyle you want. This talk gets you back to your why.



  1. Start with the end in mind and become clear about your life and business goals.

  2. Diagnose your business so that you know exactly where you can pivot and make more money.

  3. Show you how to build a perfect team so that work is getting done and your email inbox isn't full of other people's problems.

  4. How to master your time so that you can have more time for yourself.