Scott Nicholson

Scott considers himself a “mot-emotional” speaker—the only one in America—whose message truly connects with the emotions of his audience, allowing them to reflect on their past, present and future lives, their current path, their purpose for being here, and how they can use their unique skills, talents and abilities to impact their own lives and the society in which they live.

Scott Works with organizations sharing his secret recipe for business and personal success.  Scott s Dominate Your Destiny keynote educates attendees on the essential mindsets, behaviors and belief systems necessary to transform their lives to attain success and true life fulfillment. Scott s message truly connects with the audience, Sharing how they can use their unique skills, talents and abilities to impact their own lives and the society in which they live. 



With more than 20 years’ experience starting and building numerous successful businesses, Scott has been involved in every aspect of business processes. Having lead national sales teams, cultivated major retail customer accounts, built large national brand licensing partnerships, managed overseas logistics operations and created and marketed some of the most successful housewares consumer products in history.


Humans are like seeds-Their futures are not ahead of them but trapped inside of them
A seed’s purpose is to become a tree. Everything a seed needs to grow and develop into a tree is built inside of it. So, in reality, its future is designed in its beginning. However, if you throw the seed on the concrete it will sit there for 10, 20, 30 years and never begin the process of attaining its life’s purpose. Alternatively, planting the seed in the ground and providing it with proper nourishment, water and food and the seed begins its development towards its purpose of becoming a tree. Humans are like seeds, without knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration to self-develop, they  will never attain their life’s purpose and true reason for living.

Take aways 

1)  Attendees will emerge  with a crystal-clear understanding and belief that they possess all the gifts, talents and abilities inside them to attain their true life’s desires, aspirations and goals.

2)  Attendees will emerge with the wisdom and knowledge necessary to not only identify their special gifts and talents built inside of them but the increased self confidence in themselves to immediately begin to take action and make decisions that start the process of attaining their life’s desires.

3)  Attendees will understand that regardless of where they are in their lives, careers or personal environment, if they are not fulfilled, they can immediately change their mindset, belief system and self-confidence levels to enhance their life’s positioning. 


The human mind is the most powerful tool on earth
Understanding that the single greatest gift in life and it s ammunition is your mind and the ability to manage, re-program and renew your mind is an essential factor in being able to attain life’s goals, dreams and aspirations. The mind steers and controls all thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, and self-image, understanding that achievement in the external world is only made possible by achievement over your mind set and your ability to conscientiously direct your thoughts this is the start to directing your own success. Your mind is like your very own movie theater that is playing a movie called “The Life Of Me”,  you must play the coming attractions of your life, visually seeing your path and outcome. 

Take aways 
1)  Attendees will emerge with a significantly higher understanding of the extreme power of their minds. They will learn how they can reprogram and even renew their minds through thoughts about themselves, their past and their future drastically changing the course towards their aspirations and dreams. 

2)  Attendees will be educated on how to manage their mind,  understanding that its their mind that actually effects every emotion, every action, every decision and every thought,  by directing your thoughts and belief system towards positive, inspirational, ethical, moral thoughts and beliefs you can change your direction and outcomes. 

3)  Attendees will possess a level of life clarity and vision for their futures that they have never experienced. Once the attendees possess their purpose in life, they will possess a high level of vision about who they are, (Their “why”)

Life without purpose is existence without meaning
A human’s life without purpose is the same as existence without meaning. When purpose is not known, failure is inevitable identifying one s purpose is the single greatest discovery  a human can make.  Knowing your life s passion provides a vision for your life’s path creating a clear picture and allowing  you too make better decisions and take appropriate action on your journey, becoming like a powerful magnet that pulls you through life towards future desires. 


Take aways 

1) Attendees will possibly, for the first times in their lives understand why they are here on earth and what their reason for living is. This is one of life’s most essential, if not the most essential, personal possession they can embrace. 

2) Attendees will understand that purpose can ONLY be found in the mind of the owner….Them. Once the purpose is exposed and they attach a level of passion to it, they will see that this purpose will consume their every thought and action until the attain their life’s desire.

3) Attendees who struggle to find their why will be educated on how to identify it and embrace it. They will be taught essential life questions they can ask themselves. The answers to those questions will unlock the keys and secrets as to what their purpose and personal “WHY” is.

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