Shlomo Freund

Shlomo Freund is a keynote speaker, financial coach, and an entrepreneur. 


He is location independent and he along with his family are free to explores new places to live and to discover new cultures.


Shlomo built a successful company in China & has been a mentor/consultant in a few startup accelerators. He led a meetup group of 2000 entrepreneurs in China helping to build the startup ecosystem in Beijing. He is a host of one of the most successful Podcasts about business in China.  


Shlomo’s most recent company, Free Financial Self is helping entrepreneurs on their personal financial struggle to reach financial freedom. He shares his experience of his 15 years long journey building up to

achieving his desired flexible lifestyle along with financial stability. 


Shlomo is a frequent guest on podcasts and is quoted in regularly in the media. He is a former contributor for Forbes, Born2invest and now a writer for China Plus a program about personal finances, investments, and financial freedom. 


Shlomo has been working with entrepreneurs, mentoring them on their startups and helping them to develop their personal finances. In his program, "Build your personal exit strategy”, his mission is to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers gain the knowledge and execution tools towards their personal finances in order to build better companies in the future. 

 Program Details

The 2 destructive mindsets of entrepreneurs. 


Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers often take this path in order to control their own fate. Pursue their own lifestyle and design the life they want. It's a way of saying: "I'm different"
Unfortunately,  most of the times being an entrepreneur also means being unstable financially for long periods of time. This happens because of  these 2 mindsets:


1. "I'm going to make a billion dollar exit”, therefore saving and investing now is irrelevant. It doesn't matter. This is, of course, is destructive as 99.99% of the startups don't make an exit at all, let alone a large one. 


2. "I'm poor, I just started this company. I don't have money to save and invest, I'll wait until I make enough money and then start thinking about this". This is destructive. Having responsible finances, saving and investing in an early age is crucial for this future life. 


On which side are you? Why are you still struggling with your finances? Why can’t you create your own fate and still be financially stable?

The key takeaways are: 


1. How to start working on your finances is crucial for your future? 

2. Why working on your personal finances is also good for investors. 

3. Learn to avoid these two destructive mindset to live a better life.

30 minutes + 15 min for questions

If I’m making so much money how come I can’t pay the bills?


As successful entrepreneurs and business owners we are all into our company. 100% financially. It’s hard to push the boulder up the mountain.


Your means for having a better life is your own company, right? Making more money, right?


Then WHY at the end of the day, with all that success associated, you are unable to pay the bills?


It’s easy to blame others. but eventually, it’s your wants that influences your finances. Impulse buying, lack of planning, wants over needs....So, at this point what you are looking is more control. how do you do that?


Key takeaways:


  1. Understand how the diminishing satisfaction affect (There is another name for this which I think commonly used but I don’t remember it)  what you get out of things works, and how fast it works.

  2. Understand what are your real needs in life? What are your wants?

  3. How to bridge that gap of needs and wants? Get what you want without the spend.

The journey for a flexible lifestyle with stable finances


We all tend to dream of our dream lifestyle. Think of travel, flexibility and time with our families. 

Going through the day to day longing for what could be but don't take the right actions to make progress towards our dream lifestyle. 


There are many ways to reach your dream lifestyle, but the secret is that you must think intentionally, compromise on the things that are less important to you and insist on what is important and that will move you towards your dreams. 


The way you picture your future lifestyle makes a huge difference in your current finances. It’s ok to desire a better lifestyle, the question is,  what is your plan to get there? How realistic is the plan? Do you need to change the way you picture your future lifestyle, and do you need to work on a different plan?


In this presentation, Shlomo will talk about the 5 practical principles, anyone can apply to step closer to their desired lifestyle. 


There are: 




The Key takeaways are: 


1. Why you need to think intentionally about your goals and how to work towards them. 

2. What steps you can take now to move yourself closer to your lifestyle goals. The different options you have now to move forward.(And there are always new ones coming up!) 

3. Why your future Financial freedom is dependent on the way you see your future lifestyle today, why it is important to visualize.


30 minutes + 15 min for questions. 





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