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Tim Washer- Comedic Marketing Speaker

Tim speaks about using humor and storytelling to help humanize brands and engage audiences in content marketing; and on using the rules of improv comedy to improve teamwork.

As an event emcee, he’s brought laughter to executive meetings in very conservative cultures, including Saudi Arabia and even IBM.

“Tim’s keynote on social media best practices at WSJ Digital Download was a highlight among the CMOs” — Mark Fishkin, Wall Street Journal

“Your satirical insight into the food industry was both thought-provoking and side-splittingly hilarious!  — Bob Ross, Director, Nestle

“Tim knows how to energize an audience; and get them laughing and thinking creatively about their toughest business challenges. ”

— Cindy Rotramel, Google

“Tim’s presentation at the Harvard’s Kennedy School speaker’s forum was hilarious and insightful, and his ability to use humor to make serious points about marketing was remarkable.”  – Nick Morgan

“Tim inspired our global team to use more storytelling, and gave us simple steps we implemented right away ”  — Michael Brenner, VP of Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP

John Oliver, Bill Nye and Tim Washer 

Best Guest Speakers | Best Motivational Speakers | Keynote address
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How to become an idea factory using comedy writing secrets 


What if we could empower each team member to become an idea factory? How do we impart the tools and understanding to help them embrace risk-taking? Every morning, TV late show comedy writers stare at the blank page, apply a few simple approaches to catapult them into the creative state, and then put on a brilliantly hilarious show that same evening. We’ll learn a few of these approaches, how to step around the corporate creativity deathtraps, and be ready to develop a plan for producing meaningful content that connects with our audiences.

The business case for nonsense by Tim Washer
Tim Washer - Event Emcee