Wade Younger

In 1990, Younger founded Fruition Consulting Inc. to focus exclusively on organizational wellness issues. His research is documented in two major studies: "Structural Piloting," and "The Internal Economy, A Market Approach." Younger has implemented Structural Piloting in several diverse corporate and public-sector organizations. In the 23 years that followed, Wade went on to write over 40 books. In 2011 Younger created The Value Wave. The Value Wave is a methodology that connects Human Capital Development, Business Processes, Change Management, and Agile Best Practices to drive results in all areas of a sustainable business. It is an Integrated Performance Improvement System.

Wade Travels from North Carolina 

Wade Younger, MBA, CSP is the CEO of The Value Wave has given over 1,800 talks, so he is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on organizational development and process improvement. He has been teaching, lecturing, and consulting since 1990, and is known for his approaches to difficult leadership issues. His stories are hypnotic. His methods are about results. Often known as "Coach," Wade has encouraged others to become masters over what holds them back in order to reach their goals through the art of achievement. Corporations and participants in his sessions continue to generate millions of dollars in sales and revenue. Wade’s practical, proven strategies have worked for organizations like yours that want to re-energize their workforce and reconnect their people to their mission and key initiatives. Wade has pioneered a movement, inspiring high-functioning teams of people to trust each other, work together, communicate better, and win bigger.

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What is this presentation about? 9 Seconds!

- Would you like to know what goes on during those 9 seconds?
- Why was your brand rejected or accepted?
- What triggered the decision in favor of your competitor?
- What are you already doing right? And what do you need to improve urgently?
- Where are the pitfalls and the opportunities in smashing your brand

And more!

Fluorescent Leadership

Central to a leader's legacy is their effectiveness in ensuring continuity of leadership. Some would argue it is the most important task. Such efforts fall under many headings: Strategic Planning, Skills Management, Organizational Development, and Process Management. We call it Strategic Leadership Development - to communicate and cover both mechanics of succession and developing leaders.

540 Vision: How to Create an Innovative Mind

Have you ever wished you had a game changing idea? One of those Google, Facebook, or iPhone ideas that would change your life and the world around you? 540 Vision shows you how to generate innovative ideas and turn them into reality.

Wade Younger shows you how to convert your groundbreaking idea into a money-making business reality. 540 Vision is about seeing the world around you differently.

The Chinese Bamboo

The Chinese Bamboo can grow as fast as 90 feet in just six weeks. But what is the secret to its quick growth and progress? The answer resides in this information packed resource. The Chinese Bamboo will make you a memorable attendee at any networking function as well as guide you through the steps needed to make your personal contact list grow as fast as a Chinese Bamboo.

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Wade has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience due to his high level of self-awareness, perception, and eloquence. I have never experienced any other speaker prepare for his audience as much as Wade did.

Jim Benton, North Carolina College System


Wade’s insight into his client’s needs, coupled with his strong desire to help people advance in all facets of their lives, shines through when he speaks to an audience. He is an excellent communicator and a strong speaker.

Paula Henderson, Boeing


Wade, I really enjoyed your talk at the All for One conference. I found myself nodding in agreement with everything you said. It was a fun event and meeting new people and hearing their stories is always deeply interesting to me.

Allison Gragg, Fiber Innovators International


Wade, you are a very personal and energetic speaker. As I sat in the audience, you made us feel as though we were all longtime friends! Your “Running with Horses” presentation was fun and interactive and left a long lasting impression upon all of us. I heard audience members discussing how they were going to implement the tips and techniques they received from your informative session as they left the banquet hall.  We look forward to having you as a continued resource for our events.

Anthony Phillips, Westinghouse


Thank you so much for speaking to our group! I had a feeling from meeting you and talking with you, that the presentation would be excellent, but it was even better than expected! You have a real gift for connecting with an audience and getting your message across. I’ve had employees comment to me before about various programs I’ve brought to the company, but this time must have been a record for the number of folks who told me how valuable your talk was and how they might utilize the points you made about innovation the next time they were called upon to make a presentation.

Lisa Zehr, Cornell University


Sincerity speaks louder than words and people respond when they see that you are genuine.  Wade is one of the few who understands this from a business point of view.  You are offering people a chance to be who they are rather than being a “product” of what others think they should be.

Robert Wagner, Georgia Pacific


Wade continually reminded attendees that they were at the conference for a reason: their leaders saw value in them, and they should recognize that value. He conveyed the importance of getting rid of unproductive habits that do not support personal needs and goals as well as identifying what needed to be learned to move forward. Wade even scheduled a post-conference check-in call to follow up with attendees on how they’d used some of the skills discussed during the conference….PRICELESS!

Priscilla Nesbitt, Best Western® Hotels & Resorts

Hire for attitude, Train for skill
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Building Customer Trust
Creating a Value Chain